ZK Motion CNC Controller + 6 axis MPG Handwheel

1 x 4/6 Axis(Optional) Mach3 USB CNC Controller (Color: black or silver, random)
1 x CNC 4 axis MPG handwheel with Emergency stop
1 x USB cable(The color may not match the picture)
1 x Mounting bracket and screws

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ZK Motion control card features:

Support all versions of Mach3, including the latest version.

support all Windows versions, including Win8 WIN10

USB does not need to be driven, all Windows versions plug and play and support hot plug.

USB bus uses high-end chip magnetic isolation, the real value of isolation, different from the general control card optocoupler isolation input and output, to achieve super reliability, absolutely guarantee the security of computer USB. At the same time, it ensures the super EMC anti-interference ability.

single chip, the system is more streamlined, which is much better than the general multichip processing mode.

The dual core ultra high speed CPU (single core maximum frequency 204MHz) has great redundancy in computing power. The output frequency of 1000KHz pulse under 3-axis linkage, 750KHz pulse under 4-axis linkage and 500 KHz pulse output frequency under 6-axis linkage are guaranteed.

The buffer size of the motion control can be set to ensure that the fastest interpolation period can run stably, and the computer can run smoothly when the running load is too heavy.

There are 16 isolated input ports, input interface is simpler, port wet and dry contacts are available, wiring is simpler, dry contact method as long as the external connection of a physical switch to the ground can be, all 16 input ports have signal instructions , for low level indicator light, simple and clear debugging.

It has up to 24 output ports (8 with RS485 extensible), 32 input ports (16 with RS485 extensible).

O PWM speed regulation output port (isolation), PWM frequency can be set, duty cycle 0~1000 can be adjusted continuously.

Owning speed measurement function, the spindle’s actual speed is displayed in real time in the Mach3 interface, and the measurement is accurate and stable.

The circuit board is carefully built by engineers, and the design level is clear at a glance.

With 256 bytes of NVRAM space, it can save coordinate values ​​of 6 axes and processing line numbers, no need to change the next power point.

All the output of the motion shaft are differential signals, which can be connected to the servo high speed signal input port.
O can be set from the shaft to support dual X, dual Y, dual Z. Soft limit bottom processing, the system is more secure.

RS485 isolation bus, can be extended input and output or servo read position, connected with grating ruler, etc. (need custom development)

All inputs and outputs are isolated from the motion control core. Pulse isolation uses a high-speed 10M optocoupler. Support for single and double pulse mode

Easy to upgrade, this product upgrade hardware firmware through USB only brush machine, fast, not afraid of brushing, firmware open, can be used for 1 hour, more than an hour will stop.

Features of handwheel:

-x1, x10, x100 switch
-X,Y,Z,4th axis selector switch
-LED indicator
-High quality professional chassis
-6ft extendable high quality shielded cable cord
-Magnetic base holder can place anywhere on the machine steel surface
-Required 5V+, 150mA, power for MPG
-Phase output is A ,/A and B,/B;
-TTL output, drive capability +-20mA;

Frequently asked questions:

1. question: how to install software?
Answer: At present, the software of nMotion has made special installation software. There are simple installation files of Chinese culture in Baidu net disk shared by us. Just download and install them directly.
2. question: how to use the control card?
Answer: Need patience to look at the instructions, the manual section describes the pulse port, the input port, the use of the output port, as well as the use of added functions, please take some time to look at, control card generally used 24V DC power supply, specific to see the corresponding product manual instructions, USB connection computer, installed Mach3

The software can be operated after normal reset. Generally, the pulse direction control line will be able to move.
3. question: what is the jitter in control card processing?
Answer: Generally speaking, the software configuration is improper, excluding the computer performance is too low, is generally caused by the mistake of “constant linear speed cutting” function, in the “settings” page to close the “constant linear speed cutting” function , of course, there are other functions of the reasons for the mistake, according to the actual situation, to judge with a point-fitting curve to go. It’s basically the reason why you get up and shake.
4. question: the control card is not working after 1 hours.
Answer: Control card before shipping is generally lost activation code, if there is missing activation code, contact the store, send the corresponding SN code corresponding activation code can be
5. question: where does the input port limit, which point is the origin and how to connect it?
Answer: At present, control cards have done a variety of wiring diagram for example, drawing more detailed, the input port 16 functions are actually the same, are through the software configuration to achieve its functions, so need to be patient to look at the manual input port use.
6. question: how to connect the output port and how to use it?
Answer: All versions of the output port are transistor NPN output, that is, can only pull the current effect, no voltage output, so do not output voltage.
7. question: how to connect the spindle frequency converter?
Answer: Frequency converter is used to drive the main shaft, the controller is to send voltage signals to the frequency converter to speed up the frequency, there is only one voltage signal and reverse control signal, wiring is simple, specific wiring is not determined by the controller, to see the inverter manual, the general inverter manual is clearer, some parameters of the frequency converter It also requires proficiency in the inverter manual, such as configuring an external voltage to control the frequency of the inverter, the function of the control port, forward or reverse, or other. Example connection: converter with GND and COM terminals need to short circuit, connected to the control card power supply ground, X2 is inverted, received the control card O15, X1 can receive O16 inverter voltage control terminal VI connected to the control card PWM terminal (the above terminal name only for example, what is the specific name to see Frequency converter manual)
8., how can it be used when the handwheel is connected?
Answer: 1, press TAB key out of the MPG auxiliary panel, press MPG mode / piercing mode / shuttle mode (different versions of the interface called different) 2. With a sudden stop of the handwheel on the white button press not to put the operation axle selection ratio, 3) side white button press the operation handwheel, a loose will stop.
9. does the emergency stop button on the handwheel fail?
Answer: The stop button on the handwheel is equivalent to IN17 on the input port, that is, ESTOP port number 2, pin number 17, ZM-Motion version is high level valid, nMotion V5 version is low level valid, you can actually test and adjust the valid level.


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