Trocen AWC7813

Trocen AWC7813 AWC708S Co2 Laser Controller System for Co2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Replace 7AWC708C Lite ruida Leetro



AWC7813 Introduction:
Featured with single/double-head cutting that can meet the requirement of laser in low/medium power, is designated for laser cutting/engraving machine. Seamless-shift between working machines is possible when new elements of real-time tracking and go-back-to-positioning-point that make sure of machine safety and enhance accuracy is added.

1. 5-inch TFT LCD touch screen, intuitive and simple operation interface
2. Using a new 32-bit high-speed DSP to make the system run faster and more stable;
3. Product is easy to operate, saving time after training;
4. Support U disk offline file preview function, real-time display of laser head movement track;
5. Device parameters can be set completely away from the PC;
6. All optocouplers isolate external electromagnetic interference, and the system works stably and reliably;
7. Support multi-languauge;
8. Support USB2.0 high-speed interface, U disk read and write files are more stable, can identify various brands of U disk;
9. Support network communication and USB communication, the transmission speed is faster and more stable;
10. Support Z-axis auto focus, Y-axis dual drive function;
11. Support full blowing, work blowing, layer blowing
12. Intelligent diagnosis system self-fault;
13. One key to switch the way of manually moving the axis;
14. A variety of humanized positioning modes and return modes, which are convenient for customers with different habits to operate the machine;
15. One-key continuous cutting, convenient to continue cutting after the processing file is interrupted in any way;
16. When adjusting the cutting effect, there are few setting parameters, and the user is easy to hold.


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