SMC5-5-N-N+Motor Drives 2DM542+Stepper Motors 57J1876-447

Mach3 CNC Router 5-axis kit 1pcs Offline CNC Controller SMC5-5-N-N+5pcs motor drives 2DM542+5pcs stepper motors 57J1876-447

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1 x CNC Motion Controller 5 x 2DM542 stepper motor driver 5 x 57J1876-447 stepper motor

CNC Motion Controller


Five-axis linkage Multi-micro multi-line segment forward control algorithm Five-axis linear interpolation and five-axis multi-micro multi-line continuous interpolation Broken line continue to control Power-down storage coordinate function Support handwheel control interface. The main function: Parameter setting: It can set various control parameters related to machining and operation to achieve the best processing result. Manual operation: It can realize manual, jog, return to program zero, return to mechanical zero, coordinate clearing and other operations. Program management: New, delete, modify, read, save, copy and paste, automatic processing, continuous, pause and other functions can be performed on the program. External Manual: A variety of external manual functions can be defined for ease of use External handwheel controller: You can set the step size of each step, supporting both position and speed modes. Teach function: External input or panel control input can be defined. Free choice of input function: enable limited input ports to achieve various user needs

2DM542 stepper motor


Drive 1, DC power supply: 24V-48VDC; 2, drive current 1.0A-4.5A; 3, Fourteen file segmentation, up to 256 segments; 4, signal input optocoupler isolation; 5, over-current, over-temperature protection function; 6, automatic half current function, reduce motor heating; 7, eight file output phase current setting; 8, high starting speed; 9, speed torque. The 57J1876-447 two-phase stepper motor is suitable for a wide range of motion control applications. Terminated with 8 motor leads, the motor can be connected in a few different ways, including bipolar series ,bipolar parallel and unipolar. •2 phase 1.8° stepping angle •NEMA 23 •Holding toque of 2.2 N*m (312 oz-in) •High precision •Smooth movement •Low motor heating •Low movement noise


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