SMC5-5-N-N CNC 5 Axis Offline Mach3 USB Controller

1 x CNC Motion Controller
1 x CNC 6 Axis MPG handwheel 5V 100PPR
1 x Connection board

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The control system is the newly developed “motion controller” using high-performance 32-bit CPU and high-performance FPGA, equipped with a seven-inch LCD display, user-friendly window-type human-machine interface, memory with external USB port and built-in TF card (user Optional), large storage space, working voltage 12-24 volts ultra-wide input, touch-operated keyboard.
The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, low noise and convenient operation. Simple, clear parameters make your operation easy and fast. The input/output setting function is convenient for your use and maintenance.
Five-axis linkage
Multi-micro multi-line segment forward control algorithm
Five-axis linear interpolation and five-axis multi-micro multi-line continuous interpolation
Broken line continue to control
Power-down storage coordinate function
Support handwheel control interface.

The main function:
Parameter setting: It can set various control parameters related to machining and operation to achieve the best processing result.
Manual operation: It can realize manual, jog, return to program zero, return to mechanical zero, coordinate clearing and other operations.
Program management: New, delete, modify, read, save, copy and paste, automatic processing, continuous, pause and other functions can be performed on the program.
External Manual: A variety of external manual functions can be defined for ease of use
External handwheel controller: You can set the step size of each step, supporting both position and speed modes.
Teach function: External input or panel control input can be defined.
Free choice of input function: enable limited input ports to achieve various user needs


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