NCH02 CNC Handle Motion Controlle

1 x Controller
1 x Patch panel
1 x U disk
1 x 75W MEANWELL Switching power supply

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NCH02 is a CNC system without computer. Only need a U-disk within G-CODE file,
NCH02 can read the G file and run the G file.
Features of Handle Controller:
1) Read G-CODE from U-DISK;
2) Operation without computer;
3) 8 ports photoelectric isolated input interface;
4) 5 ports photoelectric isolated output interface;
5) 1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output);
6) can support 5 axis stepper systems,125KHz pulse output for every axis;
7) ARM motion control chip;
8) main device is 24VDC power supply input, current should higher than 1A;
9)Support standard MPG and NVMPG;
10) 3.5” TFT screen;
11) 19 user key;

Features of Power Supply:
Built-in over voltage, over current, and short circuit protection
PWM design, make sure the stability and high efficiency of power supply.
Anti-jamming, passed EMC test, wave less than 20MV.
Constant voltage output, assume stable power supply for LED lightings to reach long lifetime
When operate the NCH02, where will be a lot of English abbreviation, now we list all of
them for your kindly references:
FRO: Feeding adjust: During the operating process, the F value already set, and need to
adjust the current feeding speed, then we can adjust FRO value to realize it.
SRO: Spindle speed adjust: During the operating process, the S value already set, and need
to adjust the current spindle speed, then we can adjust SRO value to realize it:
Current Speed ​​S#=setting S*SRO.
SRJ: speed adjust manually
During the operating process,as the manual speed already set,and we need to adjust the
current speed,and impossible to fix the value during it is working,then we can revise the SRJ
value to realize it.
Current manual speed FS#=Setting manual speed*SRJ.
F:Feedingspeed,the unit is mm/min.For example F=200,means every minute feeding
S: Spindle Speed. Unit is rad/min. For example S=20000,means 20000 revolution/Minute.
X axis Coordinate
Y axis Coordinate
Z axis Coordinate
A axis Coordinate
B axis Coordinate
C axis Coordinate
Ready:ReadyMode.In the mode we can do any operation,include processing or values
modification or starting 2nd mode.
Reset: Reset mode.In this mode, it should stop every operation.
“Step”:Manual Step Mode. Every axis candonduct the manual step operation at this mode.
MPG: MPG mode.Every axis can conduct the MPG operation at this mode.


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