1PCS Lifting Body Including some accessories


Portable/desktop light duty CNC flame/plasma cutting machine.

1. This flame/plasma cutting machine Z-axis torch lifter is driven by DC gear motor to lift the torch up & down
2. The most important part of the device, which is to keep the machine’s cutting accuracy and to support plasma arc positioning function, is equipped with NPN proximity switches
3. Convenient to install, work simple, improving the work efficiency

Air control plug definition:
1 foot –D +; (motor positive)
2 feet –D -; (motor negative)
3 feet –Zero; (positioning normally open output)
4 feet –COM; (positioning normally open output)
Note: Built-in limit (reverse diode)

1. T-304 stainless steel screw
2. Includes jig (torch range 12mm-38mm)
3. Lift inside a plasma arc positioning
4. Aluminum body, the upper and lower aluminum sheet thickness of 8mm, forming a processing center
5. Four-core plug
6. Colour: black spray housing
7. Working stroke: 100mm
8. Working voltage: DC24V
9. Bearing weight: 3 kg
10. Dimensions: length 320 * W 80 * H 60
11. Mounting Hole Size Length: center distance between two holes 40mm

1.The cutting machine equipment lifting device is the preferred product.
2.Our company uses a decelerated DC motor to control the lifting body to drive the cutting torch up and down.
3.Among them, the key parts that affect the cutting accuracy of the whole machine support the CNC plasma cutting positioning function.
4.The internal lifting transmission of the elevator adopts 304 stainless steel T-shaped screw, and both ends use optical shafts and linear sliders to ensure stable and reliable vertical operation in the vertical direction.
5.Simple description: used for the ascending and descending transmission mechanism of flame and plasma cutting; used as a whole
6.The aluminum material is refined by a machining center with very high accuracy.
7.The positioning switch and limit switch use Taiwan original HIGHLY


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