DM500 3/4-axis hand-held CNC motion system

1PCS DM500 Control Board
1PCS DM500 Control Panel
1PCS USB Flash Disk

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Performance parameter of the DM500

1) Max. 4 Axis; 2-4 Axis linear interpolation, any 2 axis circular interpolation;
2) 7 opto isolated digital outputs,8 opto isolated digital inputs;
3) Support every Input and output port definition by users.
4) The controller need 2 power supply,one power supply is for system power,one is for input and output
ports power.Both input power is 24V,2A.
5) Open-collector output, Max. output current is 500mA,can power the relay directly;
6) Differential Pulse and direction output signal,Max. 500Khz per axis;
7) Spindle Control: 3 I/O ports control 8 different speeds(3 lines 8 speeds), 1 I/O control the Start/Stop;
8) The System Support standard G-code.Also Support the popular CAD/CAM software, such as ArtCam,-
MasterCam, ProE and so on.
9) USB flash disk support for G code file input;
10) The control system can preview the process path before machining, and it makes the system more
steady, working smoothy and precise;
11) Acceleration/Deceleration Mode: S curve;
12) Support un-limited size file for machining;
13) Manual/Automatic machining function;
14) Support the operation to Start a G code from a specific line;
15) Support for “Power Cut” recovery. Data is automatically saved;
16) Support time-lock function;
17) Support 4 kinds operation rights: visitor,operator,admin,super admin;

Appearance, Structure and Size of Product

The DM500 motion controller contains the handheld motion controller,circuit switching wiring board,and
HDMI digital high-definition transmission cable.
The handheld motion controller and wiring board are communicated by 2 Meter 37 pins HDMI digital
high-definition transmission cable which is shielding twisted-pair cable to avoid interference.
The wiring board can be installed by DIN linearguide ways No. C45.


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