CNC MACH3 USB Industrial Electronic Handwheel 4 Axis

1PCS USB Mach3 Handwheel
1PCS Cable

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1.The handwheel USB connects the computer,you need to use Mydrivers to update drive program.

2.Rotation control the axises movement waveband switch select control axis (X,Y,Z,A)

3.Waveband switch select control mode (continuous Step mode & Velocity mode)

4.Mach3 provides manual control achieved by keys.

5.ModS electronic handwheel controls the axises motor movement by rotating the handwheel.When you use velocity mode,the direction you shaking encoder runner determins the axises movement direction.The speed you shaking encoder runner determins axises movement speed.

6.If you choose STEP mode,you will go to accurate movement mode.When you choose 0.01 gear,the wheel rotates 4 squares and send a pulse.The controlled axis moves 0.01 to your rotation direction.Select 0.1 gear,the wheel rotates a square and the controlled axis changes 0.1;1 gear can control 1 changing value and so on.

7.X1 X10 X100 count.For example:If you select X100,it will rotation several round 25mm.Although the handwheel stops,the software still counts.For far distance,you should select CONT position.

8.Movement mode and control axis are with flash LED indicator(When you switch to Y axis,the LED indicator on Y axis will flash.If you switch to x1 rate,the corresponding rate LED indicator x1 will flash.You can easily observe the axis status.)


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