CNC Mach3 Controller+WHB04B-4 Wired Handwheel

1 x Wired 4-Axis MACH3 Handwheel
1 x CD
1 x protection case
1 x English Instruction
– 1 x MKX-V motion card (3axis or 4axis to choose )
– 1 x Use wire
– 1 x Driver disk
– 1 x MACH3-USB trouble shooting
– 1 x MACH3 config and driver installation
– 1 x MKX –V user Manual

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Mach3 control card Description

support all kinds of numerical control equipment, such as engraving machine, cutting machine system and so on.
-CPU: Dual-Processors, ARM+FPGA
-Axis output control:
Drive Current:Isolated open collector output; 5V, 20mA
Drive: Pulse + direction output
Output frequency: 2000 KHZ (2MHz)
Isolation Voltage:3.5KV
-Spindle inverter output
Analog voltage output:0-10V
PWM output: 5V, 1KHZ, Duty; 0-100%
Pulse + direction output: 5V, 15HZ to 4 KHZ
-Spindle speed input
Input:Isolated input, 5V pulse signal
Isolation Voltage:3.5KV
-8 IO output
Drive Current:Isolation: 50mA, 25V
Isolation Voltage:3.5KV
-16 IO input
Input Current:Isolated inputs, 5 mA, maximum voltage 25V
Isolation Voltage:3.5KV
Mach3 Port Position: P1 Port
USB interface:Complies with USB2.0 standard

-Fully support all Mach3 version
-Support save data when power off.
-Support spindle speed feedback
-Support 3 meter USB cable
-Supports Up 6-axis
-Maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000KHz.Status indicator LED can be useful to show the USB
-Connection, and working status by flashing.
-16 general-purpose input,8 output has speed function,the spindle actural speed Mach3
-Interface in real-time display
-All IO-port isolation, interference, stable performance
-Ful support for USB hot-swappable, the card is Monitoring USB connection status at any time,
Key feature:
1.Standard usb device and work at all windows with usb hot plug.
2.The card state is monitored.
3.Support 6 axis to motion at the same time.
4.Step Pulse frequncy Up to 2000khz, support servo and step motor driver.
5.The usb state indication with led
6.All io is isolated,anti-noise and stable performance
7.Spindle control with PWM and step/pulse
8.Aluminum shell, shield the interference.
9.Speed ​​index function.
10.Power off and continue function
Software installation:
-First, install Mach3 software to your PC.
-Second, copy your driver into Mach3.Check readme file in the CD.
-Check our wiring for reference, connect our card to your machine correctly.
-Connect your PC to our card by using network cable.
-After these steps, you can open your Mach3 software for operating.


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