ATC 1.8KW Water Cooled Spindle

1x 1.8KW ATC water cooled spindle motor 220V 5.4ARTM80-20-24Z/1.8 model


Package include:

1x 1.8KW ATC water cooled spindle motor 220V 5.4ARTM80-20-24Z/1.8 model

1. Product overview

1) This spindle is built-in type spindle motor, built-in three asynchronous motors,by theinverter control.As the spindle has a compact structure,high power, big torque, small vibration,low noise characteristics,so it can achieve high speed,high powe cutting,high precision and highstability operation.
2) The bearing of spindle use grease lubricated angular to contact bearings,can beachieved lifelong lubricating within the life cycle.
3) The spindle use forced coolling mode to coolling motor,front and rear bearings.Coolantflow through the reasonable arrangement cycle watercourse of the spindle body,thus can takethe heat generated of the spindle rotation speed, to achieve thermal equilibrium,let spindletemperature within a certain constant value. External cooling device effect:maintaining aconstant temperature of the coolant.
4) The spindle built-in PTC 140 temperature sensor(Technical parameters are visible inother sections of this specification),you can read it anytime if you need to protect the motortemperature.
5) The tool clamping methods:this spindle built-in automatic tool change device,shank form
is ISO20

2. Drawing Size Description

Spindle model

RTM80-20-24Z/1.8 220V



Maximum speed


Rated frequency


Electric current


Motor level

Level 2

Rated power

1.5KW (S1)

Peak power

2.1KW (S6)

Rated torque


Peak torque


Technical parameters

Spindle blowing dust/seal gas pressure (MPa)


Spindle gas seal gas flow


65±10 (When on Working)

Cooling water pressure (MPa)


Cooling water flow (L/min)


Cooling water temperature deg


Spindle static state pulse (µm)


Spindle vibration (mm/s)


Spindle diameter (mm)

dia 80 (0/-0.02)

Motor windings Pressure test (V/M)

1000V/1 minute withstanding Voltage test

Tool Interface


Inverter Specifications

2.2KW (220V)


For castings, aluminum, glass, etc., and other processing

Spindle installation explanation

1)     Circulating Cooling System Description

The system must ensure that the cooling water temperature of supply spindle is between 24-28deg. Usually setting the flow switch in return pipe of the cooling system,to ensure the supply of spindle cooling water. Cooling water requirements: we recommend using distilled water, while recommend Feinuokesi (Fenix) protective agent F1 (using the scale of 1: 200),coolant temperature is 26deg±2deg,inlet, outlet pipe temperature can’t exceed 5 deg.It is allowed As long as other monitoring can ensure fuller spindle cooling.

2) Air sealing control

In order to prevent water or impurities enters internal of the spindle,spindle will have gas sealing device,the gas seal machine must be started start with the machine at the same time. And the need to go through multi-stage filtration.

3) Compressed gas quality requirements

The quality requirement of gas which is used in gas seals:

Oil content:<0.01mg/m3

Solid particle:<5µ m

Pressure dew point: <7.5deg(0.7MPa)

4) Running-in program instructions

Only all monitoring issued no failures operational signals,at the same time,all safety devices have been installed and working properly,then allow start spindle.

Note: New or spindle which is not used for a long time must to be running slowly.First,start run spindle for half an hour as 25% of the maximum speed,then increase  to 50% of the maximum speed,to run 15 minutes,finally, increase to maximum speed.It’s need to check the temperature of the spindle during the whole process, spindle will get hot, but not hot hand, if the spindle becomes hot, pls stop the operation and contact our customer service department.


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