5 Axis USB Interface Board+Wireless electronic handwheel

1 x MACH 3 CNC Breakout Board
1 x USB Cord
1 x Wireless electronic handwheel
1 x Wireless receiver


Mach3 control board Functions and Features:

1), Completely support MACH3 software.
2), Support windows XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, support 32 bit and 64 bit system,
and tablet PC.
3), Wide range external power supply voltage, 12-24V, and has preventing reverse
connection function
4)、All the input signals are separated by photocouplers, can be connected to
Estop, Probe and Limit switchs. To make your computer safe.
5), 0-10V analog voltage output(photocoupler separated), can be connected
to Frequency converter, using to control the spindle speed
6), PWM output is available(photocoupler separated,5V), can be used to
control the spindle speed controller that controlled by PWM.
7)、Four output ports are available, can be connected to relay modules with
photocouplers,to control flood and mist etc.
Mach3 USB interface board BL-UsbMACH-V2.1 manual
8), Can be connected to stepper motor drivers using common anode or common
cathode input connection .Note: stepper motor drivers should have
photocouplers for input.
9), Also provide 5 axis XH2.54-4P 2.54mm Socket Connector, make it is easy
to connect to the stepper motor drivers.
10)、All the port names are printed on board,Easy to be used.
Wireless electronic handwheel Features:

1. Adopt 2.4G wireless transmission technology, stable and reliable.
2 2. Cooperate with the control board of our store “USB MACH3 200KHZ V3.35” to realize the control of MACH3 software.
3. Basic offline control can be performed on the control panel (but cannot run G codes offline).
4. Simple installation: it can be used when connected, no driver is required (but some buttons need to copy the macro code).
5. Simple operation: The basic operation is similar to a wired handwheel, and you can see it at a glance.
6. OLED displays coordinates and control status, and the status of the machine tool is very clear.
7. Rechargeable lithium battery power supply (1000MA, can be replaced by yourself), with charging management and indicating circuit. (Than use
Save a lot of money with ordinary batteries!)
8. Low power consumption design, the normal working current is about 10MA (press the turntable insurance button is about 20MA), charging
It can be used for about 1 month after a full charge.
9. It is very convenient to choose step distance or continuous rotation mode.
10. The panel provides practical control buttons, which is a practical controller integrating a hand wheel.
11. Some buttons can be programmed by macro code, which is flexible and convenient.

Notes on charging:
1. Charging port interface: MicroUSB.
2. The charger must ensure that the voltage is 5V and can provide current greater than 1A.


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